1. We are Experts in our Field

We’re not just property managers – we are real estate experts. Our staff has approximately 80 years of combined experience in real estate and construction. We own rental properties ourselves, and we know the difficulties that landlords face.

We’ve worked hard to create a system that allows our investments to perform the best they possibly can, and would like to share that system with you.

2. We are more than just a Property Management Company

Property management requires more than just the ability to collect rent – it requires expertise in construction, business and much more. We don’t just manage homes. We buy them, we sell them and we rehab them as well.

We understand the industry in and out, and we feel that it’s an absolute necessity for a good property manager to have this kind of well rounded experience in order to succeed.

3. We are Reliable and Responsive

We started Parrot Property Management because we felt that there was no third party management company that we could trust to stay on top of our investments and keep them performing anywhere near what our expectations were. From lack of initiative, to careless mistakes, to downright awful communication, we weren’t very happy with most of the companies we tried.

After a while, we came to the conclusion that the only way to get the kind of reliability and responsiveness we needed was to create our own. So that’s what we did.

Here at Parrot, we understand that property management is not a 9-5 job. It requires committment, dedication and a lot of hard work. We don’t let issues slide, and we don’t let our clients go without regular communication.