Property Management

At Parrot Property Group, we take pride in our committment to both our landlords and our tenants. Our goal is to provide a quality product for our tenants: a clean, safe and affordable home. We believe that the best way to generate profit for our investors is to keep the customer happy.

These are the services we provide to our management clients and go hand in hand with our Marketing & Leasing services.

Rent Collection & Evictions

Staying on top of rent collection is the key to your success, and an area where many individual landlords allow themselves to fall behind. Our general rule is to apply late fees on the 5th of the month, and begin eviction proceedings if rent is not paid in full by the 10th. We generally do not accept partial payments from tenants.

We do the following to ensure that rent is being collected:

  • Diligence in communication with tenants regarding payment issues.
  • Strict enforcement of late fees and penalties.
  • Regular reminders and followups with tenants.
  • Coordination with attorneys throughout the eviction process if necessary.

Maintenance Coordination

As your property management company, we are responsible for coordination of maintenance on your property, including the following:

  • Fielding of tenant repair requests.
  • Scheduling of entry by vendors for inspection/maintenance purposes.
  • Coordination with vendors for completion of work.
  • Vendor administration and billing.

Administration & Record Keeping

We use a web based property management software so that your tenants can log in from the convenience of their computer or mobile device and view their account balance, pay rent via bank account or credit card and submit maintenance requests.

We also offer an owner portal, where property owners can log in and view financial statements, work orders and leasing documentation.